Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I sign up (register) as a reseller?

If you register with us, we will provide you the following benefits

  • Ability to easily check the available goods at any time
  • Seasonal and promotional price for popular models
  • Updated price as per the market competition
  • Better price than the competition


Should I deposit the amount to be a reseller?

No need at all, but we need the company information.


Whom should I contact if I cannot find my target product?

We have over 1,000 kinds of products in stock and ready to ship. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at info@itcd.ca


What is your shipping and return policy?

For our Shipping and Return Policy please refer to the Shipping Policy and Returns section.


Why did I not receive my email confirmation?

After we receive an online order, we immediately send a confirmation to the email address that was provided alongside the order. A second email is sent to the same email address as soon the order is processed and a final one after the order is eventually shipped out. If you have not received any of these then it is possible that

  • Our confirmation email has been accidentally moved to your junk folder
  • The email address on our file is the wrong one
  • We did not receive your order

In any of these cases you should contact us at info@itcd.ca.

Orders originating from within the US are shipped from California while orders from Canada are shipped from Toronto. Deliveries within the contiguous US are typically completed within 3-5 business days. Orders within CA POST are delivered within 3-5 business days. You can view our transit times or check the status of your order throughout website. For more details, please contact us at info@itcd.ca.


How can I track my order status?

Your order can be tracked by logging into your online account. Alternatively, you can contact us at info@itcd.ca. They will be ready to assist you with it.


If I have problems with my order what should I do?

We value your calls for questions, advice, clarification, or any additional information about a product we sell. Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@itcd.ca.


Is this website secure?

This might be the concern that every customer has. Yes! Our website obtains SSL which keeps the website and our customer safe by protecting the information that is flowing to and from our website. An SSL certificate serves as an electronic "passport" and establishes the website's authenticity and credibility and enables the browser and Web server to build a secure, encrypted connection. Therefore our ordering process is totally secure from beginning to end.


What are the payment options?

We accept, MasterCard, and Visa. Purchase orders from government agencies, schools or established companies may be accepted in other payment. For more details please contact us at info@itcd.ca.


Can I order by cheque?

Purchase orders from government agencies, schools or established companies may be accepted. For more details please contact us at info@itcd.ca.


Is my order subject to sales tax?

Yes. For those in Canada the tax charged varies depending on where you live. Please check the following for details

  • Alberta = 5%
  • British Columbia = 12%
  • Manitoba = 5%
  • New Brunswick = 13%
  • Newfoundland = 13%
  • Northwest Territories = 5%
  • Nova Scotia = 13%
  • Nunavut = 5%
  • Ontario = 13%
  • Prince Edward Island = 5%
  • Quebec = 5%
  • Saskatchewan = 5%
  • Yukon Territory = 5%
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